Our half day rate for drone hire is often less than the cost to charter a full size helicopter and camera operator for just 1 hour!

Drone Hire service

What's included?

Drone hire includes a minimum of two crew, pilot and gimbal/camera operator/spotter.

We also include a full wireless live video downlink from the camera to the ground and a base station that includes a monitor for the DP/Producer. This way the DP/Producer can see what the drone is filming and can instruct the pilot and gimbal operator how he/she would like the shot framed etc.

We are owner operators and the aircraft and systems have been designed and built in-house, this gives us a real advantage over many other operators as we have a deep knowledge of the aircraft and systems to ensure 100% safety and airworthiness at all times.

Daily rates include the following:


  • Multirotor drone hire

  • Drone Pilot

  • Camera gimbal Operator

  • Live video downlink and monitor (with video output if required)

  • All support items for the unmanned aircraft system

  • Pre-site survey and full risk assessment

  • Prices, please call to discuss your project



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