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Aerial photography
Multirotor aircraft
SUA (Small Unmanned Airctaft) pilot in command or PIC

Our unmanned aircraft (or UA) is able to provide views and angles unlike any other camera system or platform, such as a cherry picker, event jib, 60' crane or even a full sized manned helicopter. We have full CAA permission to carry out aerial work giving us the ability to operate at heights up to 400 feet or as low as a few feet off the ground almost anywhere. We offer our services on a day or half day rate for a lot less than the cost of hiring a full sized helicopter for even an hour. It should be noted that outdoor aerial filming is 100% weather dependent and we will discuss weather suitability with you and update you closer to the shoot date.



  • Estate Agent Photography

  • Police Applications

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry Management & Research

  • Perimeter Surveillance (Festivals etc.)

  • Traffic Accident Analysis

  • Fire Scene Inspection (During / Post)

  • Gas Burn-Off Stack Tip Inspection

  • Power Line / Cable

  • Forest Fire Fighting (Detection / Monitoring / Support)

  • Disaster Site (Floods, fire etc.)

  • Insurance claims (Storm Damage)

  • Archaeological digs & Sites

  • Coastal Zone Studies

  • Historical Monument Inspection

  • Agriculture (Crop Monitoring & Management)

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline inspection

  • Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

  • Property Inspection (Roof / Chimney stack)

  • Architect Support services (High resolution building surveys / images)

  • Real Estate


Instantly increase the production value of your project with aerial shots that are affordable and impressive. We can quite literally take your production to a whole new level with our UA (Unmanned Aircraft). Using the latest technology in unmanned multirotor aircraft makes it possible to film in places a full sized manned aircraft simply can't operate, we can fly through, under & over buildings and bridges, flying between trees and even indoors are all possible and the only limit is your own imagination and of course safety always comes first.


We offer our services on a freelance basis whether it’s a corporate video, television documentary, event coverage, commercial, extreme sports coverage or a documentary and we take care of everything for you including the relevant permissions,

pre-site survey, site risk assessment and insurance.


No other system can come close to producing the results that you will get from our multirotor helicopter, flyovers, elevator shots, chase scenes, establishing shots and more can all be captured in full HD.